The end of a PhD marks the beginning of whatever comes after. I have been fortunate to land an assistant professor position in my 'home'  department. Mind the reader, the acquisition of such positions is possible as the Dutch academics work differently than elsewhere (e.g. US).

Besides 60% teaching load (I work 0,8fte), I have room to start piloting my own research ideas (investigating cognitive control in behavioral addiction), as well as participate in current running projects and setting up new research in the team. With all these new experiences, I am learning my new responsibilities, roles, and skills.

I will continue collaborating on projects that use my experience in meta-analyses, where I get to consolidate my statistical knowledge and learn my new role as a methodological advisor.
I will be involved in Generation R, where I will be responsible for the coordination of the EEG data collection of the current cohort.
Next, I have the privilege to be involved as a daily supervisor for Hajra Kalam during her PhD project.