Why am I doing this?

I have been thinking for a long time about having my personal website, for several reasons. But as usual, you come up with all kinds of excuses with the main one being lack of time. But I guess, once you want something a lot, you make it work. And here it is.

The purpose of my website is not just to show my research profile, but I also want to communicate about academic research, PhD journeys and about my research to different audiences, and I don't want to be limited to the rules of social platforms. This is why some blogs will be in Dutch or in non-academic terms and I welcome everyone to comment and use how you seem fit.

"I hope to give you a unique view of doing a PhD"

It goes without saying that my thoughts and text are my own and do not represent my institution or other affiliations: they are original, and probably full typo's. If I offend any one or anything, please provide me with this feedback by commenting!

Beste lezers,
Ik heb lange tijd nagedacht om een persoonlijke website te maken waarin ik blogs schrijf over mijn wetenschappelijk werk, over het promoveren en over de academische wereld. Sommige zullen in het Nederlands zijn en niet al te moelijke wetenschappelijke termen bevatten. Ik wens jullie veel leesplezier, en stel gerust vragen!